Filing the news

When you try to change a bad headline and end up making a typo.

When you get shift allowance after three weeks of night shifts.

How updates just keep coming on a busy day

When someone asks for a story and you can say it has been filed half an hour ago.

When folks in nearby bays complain about the noise your team makes.

When you try to handle both UK and U.S. sites all by yourself.

What you feel like doing to reporters who file updates to stories just when you moved them out of the pack.

When someone emails asking for you to add a story on Norwegian currency movements to the homepage.

When you try to fix a typo in one module and manage to pull down the whole homepage.

When two producers disagree about the merits of adding a particular story to the homepage.

When you file a story to the wrong pack.

When a correction comes on the wire.

When weekly shifts are handed out!
Before and after my shift.

When you realize that you filed a garbled headline.

When you get to be on the same shift as your friends.

When you realize you are going to miss the after-shift cab.

Team meeting time!

When multiple updates keep coming for the same big story.

When you are alone on the shift on Sunday morning and nothing is happening.

When five Insights land on the wire at the same time!

When Tresa asks, “Who wants leave?”

When Bobby asks for a story and you know you missed it.

When the tech team explains to you how stories go from Lynx to Hermes.

When you are told you have to do the weekend shift.

When an unexpected Special Report lands on the wire.

When you have to convince someone to fill in for you over the weekend.

Watching Kobra for stories.

How much some people love doing softs.

At Six in the morning… nearing the end of the shift!

When you know a Special Report is supposed to come out any minute now.

When you hear that someone filed an embargoed story ahead of schedule.

Filing Olympics stories.

When someone tries to make you change the system where you are logged in.

When the editor catches you looking at cat gifs. (This entry was made at the request of Joel Dimmock)

When the proxy jams up, dropping your internet connection. (This entry was added at the request of Matthew Keys – and can someone please look into his internet connection.)

Shift Handover time.Shift Handover time.

P.S. The cat gifs are all off the internet, I only supplied the captions.


13 thoughts on “Filing the news

  1. AWESOME is the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally loved it. And you know what these is exactly what happens at my end too. Lovely work saqib. Cats are adorable!

  2. My Favorites –
    When folks in nearby bays complain about the noise your team makes. (pertinent to all teams at Thomson Reuters) … and…When you realize you are going to miss the after-shift cab

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